Friday, 4 November 2016

Character Description

Nate from: Big Nate- Lincoln Peirce.

Nate is a middle school student. He has two best friends, Teddy and Francis. Nate dislike a rude, smart girl, Gina.  Nate is in the Cafeteria and does a quick scan of the room. He detests th the taste of egg salad. He thinks he's going to pretend to slip and drop his eggs salad on that nerd, Gina. Turns out he drops it on someone else.

Nate is the main character of the series. He is negative, but sneaky person. Instead of hours or writing good things, he does stuff like writing 4 hour long lists that has everything he dislikes.

He wears a top with a blue stripe at the top, and a yellow stripe at the bottom. His shorts are navy blue with black stripes. His shoes are very plain and boring. They look old and they're completely white. He has black hair and shiny white teeth.

In Nates spare time he writes lists of things. He eats chips or even plays Fleeceball. Nate is a captain for his Fleeceball team,

In conclusion, Nate is quite a character and he is very funny. Nate is unique with his own style. Although, he is a trouble maker!


WALT: write a description about a character 

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