Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Technology at Lincoln

What: We had a go at some of the technology at Lincoln. 
So what: My group was the rainbow group. We went to cooking first for 1 whole hour. We iced 3 biscuits and they were yummy but the icing was runny. We had a Morning tea break and played on the awesome playground. For 45 minutes, the awesome and amazing rainbow group went to sewing/Design. We made emoji things. I gave mine to Summer. For another 45 minutes we went to workshop. Or as some people know it as wood works. We carved wood. It is basically burning wood.
Now what: I can't wait to do technology when I go to intermediate.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Swimming, We go to starfish

What: I have been involved in swimming over the past 2 weeks.
So what: I think it was the best year ever. The only ones in my group are Summer and Isabelle. Today  was a great way to finish the classes because our instructor was SO SO SO NICE. Today she's asked us, " what do you want to do today?" Isabelle said that we should do summersults and it was easy and that's a skill I learnt. She explained how our session was basically a silly swim session. We had lots of laughs and Summer, Isabelle and I all did a belly flop while diving....oops! It didn't hurt to much. Our instructor got the big blue float thing...whatever you call it. We had to kick all the way to the end. After, we got a free ride on it. But then our instructor told us to give her a ride to the deep end, too. She told us to kick but it was funny because I was pulling it forward and walking. I could touch the bottom. 
Now what: I think I could work on keeping my chin down in summersults. 

Friday, 2 September 2016

Winter sports finished

What: I have been involved in school winter sport 2016.
So what: I was away the last game witch I believe was our best game. But the best game I played in was when we versed a school cannot remember but they were very short. I liked being defense because it was a huge strength and even Mrs Kasey knew to always/usually put me in that position.
Now what: I always wanted to Improve moving into Space.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Transitions CARE

What: we have been learning about transitions last week.
 So what: I highlighted everyone but I gave use quiet voices 2 ticks and I think most people  were working on that. I think I am really goat transitions.
Now what: I am positive that I am going to Improve in use at voices.  I gave it 2 ticks out of 3. That is my transitions post