Friday, 9 September 2016

Swimming, We go to starfish

What: I have been involved in swimming over the past 2 weeks.
So what: I think it was the best year ever. The only ones in my group are Summer and Isabelle. Today  was a great way to finish the classes because our instructor was SO SO SO NICE. Today she's asked us, " what do you want to do today?" Isabelle said that we should do summersults and it was easy and that's a skill I learnt. She explained how our session was basically a silly swim session. We had lots of laughs and Summer, Isabelle and I all did a belly flop while diving....oops! It didn't hurt to much. Our instructor got the big blue float thing...whatever you call it. We had to kick all the way to the end. After, we got a free ride on it. But then our instructor told us to give her a ride to the deep end, too. She told us to kick but it was funny because I was pulling it forward and walking. I could touch the bottom. 
Now what: I think I could work on keeping my chin down in summersults. 

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