Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Maths, Measurement

What: We have been learning about measurement.
So what: Here is our measuring length task.
We went around the class to measure objects eg: highlighter: estimate, 7cm.
Actual length: 11.1cm.
Now what: I am in Mr Formans fraction group and I could improve on his div mult strategy and I'm okay at his times times strategy.

Olympic Blog Post

What: We have been learning abou the olympics.
So What: I now know that the ancient olympics stayed in Greece for a while. I found interesting that this olympics they use water bested turfs in hockey. - You could see the water it was really cool!
Now What: A sport I'd like to compete in is hockey. Just because my dad played hockey, my brother plays hockey and I'm going to play hockey. It looks fun and I like team sporting events.